‘Ted 2’ Trailer: The fight for Fatherhood

The official trailer of “Ted 2”, the follow up to Ted was showcased this Thursday. The trailer was first put on the official website as reported by Brian Gallagher on movieweb.com. The poster was released only a couple of days back.

The original movie was one of the top earners in 2012.It brought out a new face of cute teddy bears. Ted is not the cute teddy one is familiar with. Remember the R rating and the dialogues of the original! There is not much let out on the plot.

The only thing known is that Ted is getting married. He is ready for the responsibilities, and wants to have children too. He convinces his friend John (Mark Wahlberg) to donate sperm for him. There is a hilarious scene in the fertility clinic. Ted asks John what he is doing to get ready, and what follows is a series of comical sequences. Ted gets a letter from the state that if he wants to have a baby, he has to prove that he is a person.

The trailer further introduces Samantha Jackson the lawyer who fights Ted’s case against the government. A glimpse of the court scene at the end makes the viewer very curious what is coming.

The theme of this film seems to be the fight of the bear to become a father. The movie has a mix of old and new cast. Mark Wahlberg is back as John, but there is no Lori (Mila Kulnis). Amanda Seyfried plays the lawyer and the love interest of John. Others in the cast are Luis Salazar,Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert and Liam Neeson. The trailer indeed increases the curiosity factor, and should have a good opening when it releases on July 26.