Justin Bieber’s New Album Is Goin To Be Epic

Justin Bieber’s has something cooking and according to his choreographer, Nick DeMoura the world will freak out when they hear it. Justin Bieber fans worldwide have waited for a long time, in fact, they have waited for three good years, for Bieber to release a new album and if we are to go with reports his fans will be amazed by what the pop come RnB singer has been working on.

According to DeMoura, 27 who is the only person to listen to some of the music on Justin Bieber’s album, the “Baby” singer is working on something new that is completely different from what his fans know him for.  

“Justin Bieber has been sharing with me his new work all the time,” the 27-year old choreographer says. “I am not in a position to tell you exactly who is on it and some of the songs that are there but I assure you that fans all over the world are going to fall in love with the new Justin Bieber.”

Ever since he released his first song, Justin Bieber has constantly been releasing hits after hit and I wouldn’t be surprised if his new album will feature two, three or even four hits. Regardless of whether or not it will be a hit, fans of Justin Bieber will just be happy with the fact that there star has given them something that they can be able to listen to as they go through their day-to-day life.