Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman heat up the set

The Boy Next Door costars, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman, are seen on the cover of Latina Magazine in breathtaking poses. Jennifer Lopez, 45, turns up the heat in multiple costumes that only flirt with modesty alongside the hot 27-year-old Ryan Guzman. Their chemistry is apparent in shoot after shoot of sexy, suggestive scenes.

In The Boy Next Door, Jennifer stars as a recently-divorced high school teacher who is attracted to handsome Ryan Guzman. Shortly after their forbidden one-night stand, Jennifer breaks it off with Ryan, which causes him to spiral into obsessive madness.

What have these two got to say about their sex scene?

“That was the time in the film when I was the most uncomfortable,” Ryan admits to Celebuzz. “We had to choreograph every piece. I know it looks like we’re in the moment and feeling each other out, but actually — and this is kind of embarrassing—[director] Rob Cohen was like, 'Move your hand to the left,' and 'Can you arch your back a little bit?' It was the most unsexy-really-sexy scene that you’ll see on screen."

Jennifer says that she can connect to the film as a woman seeing a much younger man. Even so, she thinks the old clichés about cougars are no longer true. “We’re in the other position now. We are desirable older, we can date younger guys and it’s not this big taboo. Men have been doing this for years, and it’s no big deal.”
Both Ryan and Jennifer agree that the movie was incredible to film. Be sure to watch the steamy scenes for yourself in theaters January 23rd!