“Dancing With The Stars’”: Erin Andrews Apologizes To Noah Galloway For Her Reaction

If you happened to watch “Dancing With The Stars” on May the 11th then you must have noticed something else other than Noah Galloway proposing to her now fiancé and that is the show’s host, Erin Andrews, reaction. For those who are not familiar with the story here is a small recap of everything that happened and what you actually need to know. During an episode of “Dancing With The Stars” which was aired on 11th May, Noah Galloway took the opportunity to propose to her girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, to the surprise of many who had attended the event including the show’s judges.

That said there were some who thought that he was joking for instance the show’s host Erin Andrews who rolled her eyes when Galloway made his announcement. Andrews is now coming out to apologize for her actions stating that she was wrong to have such as a reaction. “Once [Erin] heard that people thought she rolled her eyes, she was adamant to make sure to tell her version of the story and told everyone she could that what it looked like was as far from the truth as possible,” a source close to Andrews revealed. He went on further to state that, “She apologized to Noah and had been telling people that what people saw on TV was never an eye roll.”

All that said, this is not the first time that Andrews has been accused for having a very lousy attitude while she is on set. “Erin definitely rubs people on the crew and cast the wrong way,” the source said adding that, “She has been very bitchy in the past for one thing or another.”