"Insurgent" Superbowl Trailer News

For the over enthusiastic fans of Insurgent, we have some really good news! The new trailer has been released and it promises to bring in more action for the next movie of Divergent series.

With Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) already on the run, it’s really not a surprise as the trailer looks great and action packed. What’s more, it brings back Tris and her nemesis face – to – face, and makes fan wonder if Jeanne can finally take down her biggest enemy with the help of everyone!

In the new one and a half minute trailer (which is named “She is the One”), Beatrice is seen breaking the confines of the cage made of glass, before she prepares herself to attack Jeanne. The later part of the trailer shows the two fighting, grasping and explosions which are just a natural part of the film.

Thus, the sequel to Divergent brings in more action, and horror as anticipated from the first movie itself. In Insurgent, Beatrice is forced to confront and battle her inner demons to continue her fight against a powerful alliance which will tear apart her society if not dealt with a strong hand.

The sequel to Divergent promises to bring in not only action, drama and horror, but also bonding and love between the main characters of the movie. Watch out for Insurgent, when it hits the theaters on March 20th, 2015.