Is Selena back with Justin?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were so much in love a few years back and although Justin acted like a total fool and threw it all away, it seems like both of them might be together now again. The former couple is back together, but we are not sure for how long. 

Justin admitted of being a complete jerk and he did some pretty stupid things in the past to prove that he wasn’t worthy of being in a relationship. However, he promised to be a changed man and wanted to work on the relationship with his longtime lady love. Seeing how Justin has matured, the “heart wants what it wants” singer seems to be falling for him again. 

The couple was too young to decide anything a while back, but now since both of them has matured, especially Justin, they seem to be interested in each other. They want to work on their new “adult” relationship and whilst the two have outgrown their teenage, they can now have a healthy relationship. 

It all began when Justin reached out to Selena at a Church gathering and they started texting and talking right away.  We’re not sure if they are planning on something for a long term, but let’s see where it ends.