Bella Thorne & Gregg Sulkin Falling In Love He’s Totally ‘Head Over Heels For Her’

It has been a long time coming but it finally happened.  Bella Thorne and Greg Sulkin are Madly in love with each other and they are not afraid of showing it.  There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the two with many of their fans wondering whether or not they are actually seeing one another. If you happen to be a fan of either the two stars I know what you might be thinking,  how did this happen? And That is a really great question given the fact that the two were just friends a few weeks ago. 

According to reports the two have been in a relationship for a while now and they managed to keep under the water in fact the two had agreed that they would be taking things slow and see how things developed.  That said the two opted not to take things slow any more as they couldn't spend time away from each other. 

"Bella and Greg are Madly in love with each other. They can't spend any time apart and they just enjoy every moment that they are with each other, " a source close to the revealed. 
" As much as he might not admit he is head over heels over this girl and he will do everything so as to see to it that she is happy, " the source went on to state.  

It's nice to finally learn that the two have decided to make their relationship official.  Over the past few days they have been teasing fans by posting some very touchy and Hot pics of both them enjoying the company of each other on Instagram but never at one point came out officially and stated that they were in a relationship.