Two new comedy TV shows for 2015-2016

If you love to watch TV shows, this year was very entertaining for you. Many new productions have appeared, and others are yet to come. Since TV shows start their season in autumn, you already have had the chance to see some new programs running now. In the next months, 2 new TV shows seem promising: Drunk History and Other Space.

  • Other Space was released in April, 2015 and it’s one of the shows that you can’t stop yourself from watching. After a war between America and Switzerland, a ship travels into space trying to map the Universe. So far so good, except that no one from the crew seems to be very smart, and they don’t even want to be there. With food to last only for one year and aliens coming and going, they put themselves in silly positions all the time. It is a similar comedy show from the 90’s, except that this one is funnier and with some better costumes.
  • Drunk History will keep you glued to the TV for every episode. Can you imagine how would it be if your history professor was drunk all the time? Well, this TV show will give you a good idea. In every episode, a drunken narrator will talk about a historical event in a very funny way. The TV show is created by the famous Derek Waters, and in every episode another celebrity will play a character. Now this will either be a great way of teaching children some history, or the funniest TV show that you have ever seen. No matter what, make sure that you don’t miss an episode.