South Park’s new season

For many people, South Park is not just a series of animated comedy, but one of the few TV productions that actually speak about the real problems in society. The series was released in 1997 and this year will be its 20th reason.

According to the producers, the next season will be outrageous and even braver than before, but this does not surprise anyone. In every episode, the action is focusing on a ridiculous, but popular behavior in today’s society. The producers are not afraid to mention public persons in the episodes or make fun of certain events. Actually, there aren’t many important things that happened in the USA in the last years that haven’t been mentioned in the series.

The success also came with a lot of criticism for the producers, but they don’t seem to care about the gossip. Is there a magazine trying to bring them down? The next episode for sure will mention a magazine in not very flattering words. With an audience of a few million people, South Park has more influence than any other cartoon ever had.

According to the latest news, we will be able to enjoy the fun for the next few years, as the producers are planning to create at least a few more seasons. There are plenty of subjects for their episodes, and with every season they get more and more fans.