Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall together in Vegas

In the previous couple of years, the best comedies fall under sex, ethnicity, or sexual introduction classifications. One such comedy is The Blue Collar. This one unites four comics with one quality in common, being rednecks. These are all down-home, southern people, packed with accents and stories of cars parked in the front yard.

Each of these comedians on the Blue Collar comedy had professions before the tour turned into a multimillion-dollar achievement. Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall - Live from Las Vegas! is a collection of three stand-up acts from the late 90s, all taped in Las Vegas. A significant part of the material on the circle revolves around the lives of a cliché southerner.

Of the three acts, White tends to gravitate more towards self-deprecating and less towards ridiculing of southerners. The greater part of this routine also shows up on The Blue Collar Comedy Tour circle, so any individual who has seen that piece will realize what is coming.

Engvall and Foxworthy both stick to an agreeable material, in spite of the fact that there is less similarity with the Blue Collar DVD. Each of the three comedians tends to work clean bits about amusing happenings in their family lives. The main contrasts are in the responses.

The Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy, and Bill Engvall - Live from Las Vegas DVD was recorded on a few digitalized cameras. The 2.0 track sounds creation was straight from the soundboard, with equipment of lesser quality. It also does not seem to have more postproduction editing. The volume is much higher in the last performance while the acts of Foxworthy and White differ in levels. The main additional items included on the disc are content histories and a trailer for another Foxworthy DVD release.