“Poo Bus” to Start Running on Service 2


The Bio-Bus is a bus that is powered by biomethane gas. It will use human and food waste from more than thirty-two thousand households in order to produce gas over its route, which is fifteen miles long. This bus, known by some as the “poo-bus” is operated by the bus company First West of England. Sewage and inedible food garbage is turned into biomethane gas at a site in Avonmouth, Bristol, where the bus will fill up.

Introduced to the Bristol area last fall, the bus can seat as much as forty people inside. The company will be showing the bus in Bristol on Tuesday and it will be operating four days in total during the week, on Service 2, a route which goes from Cribbs Causeway to Stockwood, beginning on the 25th of March. The company, First, says that if this route turns out successfully, they will definitely consider putting more “poo buses” on the roads of England. The managing director of First West of England, James Freeman, stated that the bus has generated the interest of people all of the world, and it is a privilege to bring it to the city and to operate it on Service 2.