“Joy” starring Jennifer Lawrence & Robert De Niro

“Joy” is a great American film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. The name of the movie is the name of the main character of the movie. The movie was directed by David O. Russell. Besides the two main stars, well-known actors have supporting roles, such as Diane Ladd, Isabella Rossellini, Melissa Rivers, and Donna Mills. The great film does not only contain the best actors, but all the people working behind the team are the Oscar winning people. For an example, the writer, the director, and the producer of the film are the famous award winning personalities.

In the film “Joy”, Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Joy Mangano. She is a divorced mother of three, trying to make ends meet. She lives with her mother who is estranged from her father, played by Robert De Niro. Every time he visits, there is a terrible row which upsets everyone in the house. Joy becomes a millionaire when she invents a self-wringing mop and creates her own business empire.

“Joy” was nominated for an Academy Award and Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

The movie was released by 20th Century Fox and premiered on December 25, 2015 – just in time for the Christmas season. The movie is perfect for the whole family with lots of funny situations and a crazy mix of characters.