Four comedians to play at Vancouver’s Century Plaza Hotel August and September 2016

If you’re in the market for comedy, Vancouver’s very own Century Plaza Hotel might just be the place to visit in August or September 2016. The hotel features a comedy club known as The Comedy Mix, which features many comedians.

August 11 to 13, The Comedy Mix is featuring comedy veteran Tim Nutt, hailing from Kelowna, BC. Nutt has had multiple television showings and is a very experienced comic boasting a resume of over 12 years of comedy! Nutt is assured to bring great performances to Vancouver, but he isn’t alone in this.

August 25 to 27, The Comedy Mix is featuring breakthrough comedian Frankie “Trixx” Agyemang. Trixx has earned global fame with performances across the world and is a highly sought comedian surging in popularity in recent years. He has quite the resume of performances too, with many sold out shows, as well as opening for stars like Tracy Morgan, Russell Peters, and Cedric the Entertainer.

September 1 to 3, The Comedy Mix is featuring Leo Award-winning comedian Erica Sigurdson taking the mic and stage. Sigurdson is a major figure in the Vancouver, BC comedy scene. The comedy veteran has had many television appearances, along with extensive festival showings. She is a regular on the radio as well as television, and is a very strong writer. Sigurdson will continue the trend of great comedians coming to Vancouver in the coming months.

September 8 to 10, The Comedy Mix is featuring dominant comedy force Dan Quinn. Quinn has a lengthy list of accolades, including a multitude of radio/television appearances, as well as many comedy award victories. Quinn has found huge success touring the world and is a great finale to this group of four great comedians who will put on great shows.