Comedian Damienne Merlina responds to Ari Shaffir after he blasts her in Comedy Central special

Fans and viewers may have been awed by the amount of laughter. Shaffir opened his one hour special by berating a relatively unknown comedian.

This is unusual behavior for a comedian.

The target of his jokes, Damienne Merlina, is presumed to have not done any offensive slight to Shaffir.

Her only crime is most likely to be overweight.

She made a video response. She asserts that she and Shaffir have never had more than “two paragraphs” of communication.

So she has no idea what really provoked the verbal onslaught.

Is it jealousy? Or a Crush?  Because those are the only reasons for his motivation.

Fans say that Ari doesn't stand a chance in a comedic war with Merlina.