Charlie Chaplin - an inspiration

Charlie Chaplin, one of the most popular comic actors ever, was a role model to so many people.
Even though he died almost 38 years ago, his name is still a symbol of comedy among many comedians.
He was one of a kind, and what was even more surprising ( especially at that time ) is that he controlled every aspect of his pictures, he didn’t want to do and show to audience just anything, he wanted it to be special, and that was something that made him unique.
Although he was recognized as a comedian, he has often been accused of sentimentality, especially when it comes to his love stories.

Some of his movies did seem a little bit serious, especially if you take a look at a movie called “ The kid “.
In every movie he played, you could see that he always gave 100 per cent of his effort. He committed fully to every moment in the film, and he didn’t have a problem with any situation.
A lot of comedians saw Charlie as their influence and the biggest inspiration. One of them was Gene Wilder.

He loved to make his mother happy, and simply wanted to make her laugh. Then he realized that his mother wasn’t the only fan of his humor and jokes, and that people were laughing with him and at him all the time when he was young, even when he wanted to sound serious, not funny. That fact did cause him some problems, and he wasn’t sure if comedy was something he wanted to do. Then he saw Charlie.

He saw the movie “ The Circus “ and was so thrilled by Charlie, that he immediately knew that comedy was the job of his dreams.