Best pranks

We all like to laugh. In order to get this kind of satisfaction, we do many things, watch funny videos, movies, make jokes and make pranks. If you want to make you laugh, or make some else laugh, here are some of the very funny pranks.

• Change your voice message in the ‘’Hello’’… wait say it again ‘’hello’’, and after few seconds say ‘’April fool’s day’’. This is a simple and funny joke, and you will record the person who is talking, so, you can make laugh again and again.

• Palms prank. Tell your friend that you can balance a glass of water on your hands, show that to him and make a bet. Tell him, that you bet him, he cannot balance two glasses of waters on his hands. Then, put those two glasses in his hands and walk away. There is no way he cannot do something to not spill them.

• Snake prank. All you need is a rubber snake toy and the fishing string (because it is hard to be seen). Tie the snake with fishing string and tie the other end to some door, or something that can pull the snake. When someone gets in, the snake will jump over him. Or make that snake is moving across the floor when everyone are watching TV or etc.

• Stick some tape on the water sink, but leave a little gap so water can come out, and make sure that water will go to the place where someone is standing. It is a very old prank, but very good.

• Buy a universal remote or second one, and change channels when someone is watching. The secret is not to overuse it.