A Comedy Bar Is Not Filled With Just Jokes

The famous actor Jim Belushi is suing a New York comedy bar. Belushi and the owner of this bar sat down a few months ago and had a meeting. This owner, Sahar Chavoshi, wanted to license the name ‘Belushi’s Comedy Bar,’ which is the name of the actor’s present bar and happens also to be in New York. 

Though he did take it into consideration, Belushi did not like the deal that was going on. This was the end of the meeting. Since then, Chavoshi has been trashing Jim Belushi all around New York. Chavoshi is giving comedians good reasons why they should not perform at his club. Chavoshi even contacted venders and gave them good reasons why they should not do business with Belushi anymore. 

Belushi still has his bar in business. However, he has felt the effects of this financially. Whether the rumors are true or not, many people, comedians and regular individuals, do not want to go to a comedy club that is surrounded by controversy. 

Belushi has now filed a lawsuit against Chavoshi for this slander. Belushi is asking for a little less than 100 thousand dollars, though he believes he deserves a lot more. This story will continue to unfold in the coming days. Belushi told the press he just wants this to be done. He doesn’t even know how he got into this mess. Going further, he told the press he hopes Chavoshi just confesses his wrongs and makes a deal. The public does not want to see this situation get out of hand, either.