Understanding life of a Celebrity

The word celebrity is often associated with fame and fame brings opportunities to make money. Most of us think that being celebrity is a great thing. Many of us want to become famous and wealthy like celebrities. But their life is not that easy which can be lived by everyone. Media is every time running after them to get some gossiping news. They don’t get private time to spend with their family. But we can’t say that they don’t enjoy their life. Being celebrity has advantages and disadvantages; we would be highlighting both to get a clear picture of their life. First and the foremost important advantage of being a celebrity is that they are very rich and live luxurious life as compared to other people. They stay in beautiful bungalows with all types of services like housekeeping, securities, cooks and other servants. Buying economical cloths is very cheap word for them .They always go to branded showrooms and get the things of their requirement. Celebrities are famous so everyone knows them and try to invite them on their parties even some pay money to call them in parties for gaining attention of media and show their royalty. There are certain disadvantages of being celebrity also. Media is one very important tool which can make or break the celebrity reputation in public.More he succeeds in this industry; the more is expectations of his fans from him. So, he always remains in stress of giving best to the public.