Simon Cowell on One Direction Taking a Break:

Starting in March next year, One Direction will be taking a one year hiatus from the spotlight.  Fans were not too happy about it when Simon Cowell first announced it a month ago.  But according to the mastermind behind the band, it is actually a healthy thing.  "I've known for a while that they were going to take this year off. They had to because of their workload,” Cowell said at the launch of X Factor.

In an interview with Billboard, Cowell stated, "In terms of the band, they've got enough hits now they can take some time off and do some other stuff they want to do, then I hope they'll have a little bit of time apart and want to get back together again. It's a fun job, but it's absolutely their decision."

He added, "Look, even though they're young, that is a grueling schedule and after a while I could see they were exhausted, so when they said, 'how do you feel about it?' I said, 'Do whatever you want.' Having a year off is going to be a healthy thing."

Liam, Harry, Louis, and Niall will take this extended break to pursue their personal endeavors but will remain in touch. 

One Direction has completed five albums and toured four times in only five years. It does sound like an exhausting agenda. 

At this point, all fans can wish for is that once the break is over, the band does get to reunite and get back to the spotlight.  But Cowell has stated that he will not press the guys into getting back together, "I hope so, but like I said, it's not going to be because of any pressure from me.”

The truth is that the future of the boys after this break is not that clear. But Cowell trusts that the boys “will work it out.”