Big Sean Disappointed In Ariana Following The Donut Incident

There have been lots of talk surrounding Ariana Grande, 22, over the past few days and they haven’t been good. Many people have come up, especially on social media, and have blasted Ariana Grande for her “disrespectful” and “immature” behavior that she displayed during Independence Day. 

For those who are still wondering what exactly Ariana did during Independence Day, well here is a brief. The talented singer, known for her hit songs such as “Problem” and “Break Free”, surprised many when she opted to behave in a very immature manner while at a Wolfee’s Donut house that is located in Lake Elsinore, California.

Among those who have come out and gave their opinion with regards to the behavior of Ariana, which many have termed as “immature” and “disrespectful”, is her ex boyfriend and rapper Big Sean. According to reports Big Sean thinks that Ariana and her alleged new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez took things a little too far in fact he believes that their behavior was simply nasty.   

“Big Sean has seen the video of Ariana and Ricky Alvarez and he is disappointed and embarrassed with the behavior of Ariana. Big Sean was even more disappointed with how Ariana treated the worker at the donut place,” a source revealed.  

“Big Sean would never disrespect anyone like that and the fact that her new boyfriend just laughed during the whole incident is quite telling. Big Sean believes that the whole incident was rude and immature.”