Zayn Malik Secretly Recorded New Music Video For Solo Track ‘No Type’

If you happen to be a one direction fan and especially if you are a fan of Zayn Malik, then you are Lin for something nice as the former one direction star is working on releasing a new music video for new single "No Type" Despite all the hype that is surrounding Maliks new music video, there are new claims that indicate the 22-year old actually worked on the single while he was still a member of One Direction. According to reports, Malik together with two British acts, that is Krept and Koran, we're working on a new single while Malik was still a member of One Direction. This basically means that Malik had actually planned on leaving one direction a long time ago and was just waiting for the perfect occasion in he would be able to do so. The said reports were actually confirmed by both Krept and Konan who are both up coming rappers in the U.K. According to the UK-based rappers, they had started working out with Malik way back in 2014. If you happen to be a one direction fan then you know that Malik actually left the band this year in March and as a result it goes without saying that Malik had already seen himself leaving one direction and he just needed the perfect time do so. Despite the fact that the music was boy the official back then, it still indicated that Malik was slowly but surely pulling away from One Direction.