Sam Smith Will Celebrate Despite His Situation

Sam Smith, most known for the song ‘Stay With Me,’ is currently recovering from vocal surgery. However, Sam just reached his anniversary of one year since his debut album hit stores. Looking back, Sam is happy that his year was one that climbed high. Sam is aware that many people reached their one-year album anniversary, but today the public does not know their name. 

Sam is grateful to have fans that love him and his music. Sam’s fans have not given up on him, and they will wait for him no matter how long it takes. The best doctors imaginable are working on Sam. Sam does not just want to come back to the music industry; he wants to come back better than ever. 

In light of his one-year album anniversary, Sam opened a live stream on Twitter and released a long message to his fans. He let fans know how he is doing and how much he wants to come back to the music industry. He also let fans in on what he is doing at home. This included him reading and writing music. He also has a lot of therapy to go through for his voice. 

In a few weeks, Sam is expected to do another video on Twitter. This video will explain more on the subject of Sam’s surgery and a timeframe as to when he will be back. Fans that stream Sam’s videos received the videos plus bonus information. There is information given during these videos that cannot be found anywhere else.