Rachel Ends Up with Jesse in Glee Series Finale

In the series finale of Glee, Lea Michele’s character, Rachel, is pregnant. In the second to last episode of the series, Rachel and Jesse St. James kissed, but in the series finale, which jumps ahead to 2020, Rachel appears to be well into a pregnancy. It turns out that Jesse is the father! While Rachel has had quite a few relationships throughout the course of the show, viewers were excited to discover who it would be that she would end up with eventually. While viewers enjoyed watching Rachel and Sam (Chord Overstreet) explore a relationship together, many agree that Jesse is the best choice, as he is basically the male version of Rachel.

Seeing Rachel pregnant also made fans of the show remember Finn (Cory Monteith), Rachel’s first love on the show. Sadly, the actor’s tragic death changed the course of the show, right down to creator, Ryan Murphy’s, original plan for the series finale. Apparently, he had planned to fulfill Rachel’s dream of becoming a big Broadway star, and have Finn settled as a teacher in his hometown, Lima. At the end of the show, Rachel would have returned to Lima. Still, fans appear to be satisfied with the new ending, because of course, Finn would have wanted to see Rachel happy.