Maggie Q, Wedding Plans

Maggie Q is a great actress, as you already know. But, there are more things you should know about her. Her laugh is one of the best you can hear, she likes animals so much, that she is rescuing them and helping to Best Friends Animal Society. But now there is one more thing you should know about her. She falls in love, in her boyfriend Dylan McDermott, and weeding is in their plans.

If you noticed a big diamond on her finger, you could assume about their weeding, if you haven’t noticed, there is an official announcement from the Maggie. The weeding proposal was perfect for Maggie, although, she didn’t want to reveal all details, she described this act. Her fiancée just said ‘’we are going to be married’’. This unique way to propose to a woman you love is suitable for Maggie, because Dylan McDermott couldn’t take the risk of Maggie rejecting him. Maybe this is a great way to propose a woman you love, in this way she cannot say NO!

Maggie is also unique person. She even believed that marriage is never going to be a part of her life. But, she was wrong. Because she is not really interested in weeding plans, her friends are making her weeding according to their own experience. If we know that all her friends had expensive weddings, we can assume that this one is going to be the same.

We can assume that weeding is going to be perfect, and Maggie will be a beautiful bride. I am waiting to see this event, actually, I hardly waits to see Maggie in a wedding dress!