Louie is going steady

Say what you want about Louis C.K. but you have to acknowledge that he is one of the great comedic minds of today. If you’re a fan then good news for you: Louis announced what will be going on for him in 2015 and it is packed with goodies.

First news is about his show which everyone loves, hates, loves to hate and hates to love. Louie will be back for the 5th season on FX and it will debut on April 9. When talking about season 5 C.K. stated that it will be a lot more lighthearted and focused on the laughing part, as opposed to season 4 which had a heavy, dramatic feel. However, knowing Louis there’s probably very little chance to drop the bitterness and sarcasm so fans can be at ease.

Louis C.K. will also be writing the new FX show “Better Things”, starring Pamela Adlon, together with the star. You can all remember Adlon from that Louie episode when Louis C.K. came on to her. The show is about a single mother, played by Adlon, who deals with life and her three daughters. Seeing how C.K. is chipping in it should be pretty funny.

But that’s not all for C.K., no, no. He will also be staring in a stand-up comedy special which will also air on FX starting this year. And wait, there’s more: Louis will also be producing “Baskets”, Zach Galifianakis’ comedy. At this point fans are both thrilled and a little worried about how thing Louis C.K. is wearing himself.