Jeannie Mai- The Latest Drop out from Miss USA pageant show

Jeannie Mai the co-host of Miss USA declares that she quits from this year’s event for the controversial comments of Donald Trump who is the co-owner and also the candidate for presidential election.

Mai declared on Integra about her withdrawing as co-host from 2015 pageant contest. Previously she decided to stay as other co-hosts Thomas Roberts, Cheryl Burke, Roselyn Sanchez quit the show and said that Mai should not abandon the contestants. Monday night she said that she was compelled to step down because of Trump’s involvement in the show and the controversies arising in this year’s event.

When she made the decision to be a part of the Miss USA pageant she thought that Mr. Trump will not be involved in the production of the show. Mr. Trump will continue with his mean tactics to distract people from focusing on the real stars.

Recently Trump had a difference of opinion with Pauline Vega- the present Miss Universe. The 2015 Miss USA will be supported by Mai and she will give her charity and her platform.
‘The Real’- a talk show in which Mai co-hosts, had in the previous years co-hosted events of Miss Universe. She said that she is terribly sorry for the women who were victimized by the present   events. She also said that she condemns the offensive words of Mr. Trump which he had said.
The Miss USA event will be without a host as Mai quits from the event.