White Teeth Are The Best Introduction Of Yourself You Can Give To Someone

Your teeth are your introduction to the world. This is the way everyone gets the first and the foremost impression.

The impression cast on the casual onlooker is bound to be a little bit murky if you display  yellow teeth. White teeth are an integral part of our personalities. They give us a lot of confidence besides a competitive edge over others.

To get white teeth, the commercial market is teeming with toothpastes that boast of being able to give you white  teeth if you use them regularly. There are several ointments and gels available too that say the same thing. But when you can do it easily at home,  why should you head for these remedies?

One of the most easy and yet effective ways to get white teeth is by making a mixture of baking-soda and lemon-juice. Use a toothbrush to apply the mixture to your teeth.

Let it work its magic for about a minute, before brushing in the normal manner to wash it away. Baking-soda is going to have a cleaning effect on your teeth when it cleans stains from your teeth, while the bleaching effect is done by the citric acid ion the lemon-juice.

A word of caution while using this mixture is not to use it more than once a week. The mixture can prove to be abrasive and damage the teeth enamel.

Never let the mixture remain on your teeth longer than one minute. It might lead to some amount of damage to the teeth if it remains there longer than a minute.