Use Face-Powder To Leave Behind A Glow On Your Face That Resonates Of Youth And Beauty

Face-powder is a cosmetic used all over the world for different reasons ranging from establishing a foundation before application of makeup to minimizing the stickiness one feels on the skin because of oil secretions from the skin-pores. It is going to provide the perfect finishing-touch to the efforts of the beautician in the parlor.

All said and done, application of powder to the face does lend a typical glow to the face. it pushes back your age by several years. Besides this, baby-powder is used to keep the baby's skin soft and gentle. The same end can be reached by using face-powder or talcum-powder, but these powders are a bit harsh and just might damage the baby's delicate skin.

You may also apply some powder to your wound if you find yourself bruised or cut. Powder helps in keeping the wounded portion dry and clean. This way, it aids in the recovery process. Medical doctors often recommend using powder over wounds before they are bandaged.
One of the good things about face-powder is that it is a lot easier to carry in a vanity-case or even in a  ladies-handbag. This makes it the perfect accompanist whenever a bit of touch-up is required to be done. You only have to face the mirror and dab your face with some powder kept in your handbag.
The only disadvantage in the use of powder on the face is that it tends to build up in deposits and forms ugly patches over the day. So, some amount of caution and care should be exercised in using powder through the day repeatedly.

It is always recommended to use a brush to apply powder to your face. This way, you are more likely to get a wide coverage.