The Latest Beauty Trends: Keep Your Natural Look

Make-up trends are always changing. One month its shadowy eyes, the next it’s foundation with highlights and low lights. These work well for the make-up savvy and celebrities, but most of us don’t have the time, energy or resources to keep up with the demands of the industry.

So how can you keep a flawless look while keeping your sanity? Keep it simple.

Simple coverage and light eye make-up will always be within the scope of the trendy and popular. Keeping it natural will also allow your own beauty to shine through. We all have a natural spark, and we can help it to shine through by adding little touches here and there that emphasize our strengths.

To accomplish this, start with a simple skin-tone matching foundation what won’t look caked on. Light foundations such as BB creams will help to even out your tone, cover up blemishes and give you a perfected look without the hours of highlighting and lowlighting.

Follow up with skin tone or lightly colored eye shadow and mascara that will enhance and frame your face. When choosing an eye shadow, remember to use tones that complement your eye color and your face shape. This will help in your natural appearance.

Finally, if you wish to add some color to your lips, use a tinted chap-stick or lip balm. It will add a small amount of color without being overwhelming to the rest of your make-up.

Now, step back from the mirror and admire your natural look. Let your beauty shine!