The Concept Of Beauty Extends A Bit Farther Than Females In South Korea

Men in Korea have found a new obsession---their skin. South Korean men in their 20s take to the craze easily. They like the impact their improved skin and complexion is met with in the society. Those into dealing with the public thank beauty products for the compliments they get.

The business of making beauties out of profane beings has been on the upswing for some time. It caught the ladies first with things like snail mucus, but it has shifted attention to men who seem to be eager to head for a regimen of skin-care.

There are toners, lotions and even pencils for decorating eyebrows of men looking for perfection in their faces. All this has brought about an increment in investments in the cosmetics industry.

Youth and good looks are the qualities sought after by almost every member of the society. The industry sponsoring beauty-products can already boast of making sales worth $10 billion per annum.

The selling part of the business is done through lifestyle stores like Nature Republic, Etude House, etc. Exports in beauty-products is believed to fetch a large amount of foreign exchange, while tourists visiting South Korea make a beeline for these outlets.

The beauty industry is looking towards men once the beauty market with respect to the women have become saturated. They have been bolstered by the growing popularity of Korean drama and music. The latter highlight the masculine form of beauty.

A large number of beauty-products meant for men are being made and sold. The market for men's products has recorded a growth of 9 per cent in the past four years.