Side-Effects of Botox

Nowadays, people have become really conscious about their looks and having wrinkles on your face is bound to make you look older and unattractive. Therefore a lot of people and especially women in particular tend to resort to Botox injections for the purpose of improving their appearance and trying to look younger.

While Botox can certainly help people look better and younger but it is in the end made up of chemicals and there are bound to be some consequences of inserting chemicals in your face. Our skin is very sensitive so one of the most prominent side effects of Botox is the redness of our skin. Another such side effect is the stiffness of facial muscles which leads to a wooden face and as a result people are unable to laugh or express any kind of emotions. Another side effect is the bruising of the area of the face where you were injected with the Botox. This bruising is clearly visible but it lasts only for a short period of time.

The chemicals of Botox can also cause constant and severe headaches which can disturb our daily routine. In addition to this drowsiness and dizziness are other common side effects of Botox which occur because our body needs time to adjust to the changes caused due to the insertion of these chemicals.Women also report pain in their neck and backs after being inserted with Botox. Cold, runny nose and watery eye are other common side effects of Botox.