New craze is rainbow colors for lashes and eye make-up

The young generation is always very interested in the latest fashions and trends including the new fads in makeup. The latest craze is rainbow colors for eye makeup and eyelashes. This trend became more popular through social media. Girls think that black mascara has become so boring. Now they want to change and they are adopting funky colors to be different. Here are some different ways you can make your eyelashes and eye makeup more colorful and funky.

  • Many makeup companies are jumping on the band-wagon and producing and promoting rainbow-colored mascara for girls and young women.
  • Another way to make your eye lashes more colorful is to apply some lash extensions of different colors. You can choose 3 or four colors and array them on the lash line. Be sure to match the color combinations on both eyes.
  • Choose different colors of eye shadow and apply one or two colors on the eyelids, and a third color under the eyebrow close to the inside corner of the eye, and a four color on the outer edges. Make sure you blend the colors softly where the colors meet.

The idea behind this modern craze is not to be subtle. Choose bold and bright colors to create a dramatic effect.