Macaline - new cosmetic ingredient by Laboratoire Expanscience


Laboratoire Expanscience is a French pharmaceutical and cosmetic company that was founded by Paul Berthomé and Claude Guillon in 1950. It deals with research and development of dental health, derma-cosmetics, dermatology, rheumatology, and the marketing of cosmetic ingredients.


Macaline is a slimming ingredient launched by Laboratoire Expanscience. It is basically a slimming and firming agent that helps to burn off cellulite, shape the figure, firm the skin, increase microcirculation, minimize the orange-peel effect and minimise the sensation of heavy legs.


It works on the lipolysis, lipogenesis, and fibrosis in the hypodermic of the body. It acts on the structure of the blood vessels and hence, promotes skin firmness and microcirculation. It is obtained from the tuber 'Maca’ or more commonly termed Peruvian Ginseng found in the Andan plateau.


Maca is a part of the radish family and is a medicinal plant that is popular for its highly nourishing properties. This tuber has many uses for health, such as to treat skin ailments, deficiency of iron in the body, to increase levels of energy, increase stamina, to give the immune system a boost, and used in the preparation of medicines. 


The root itself is powdered and can be consumed by adding it as a supplement to different foods, such as thick shakes and soups. The Maca root can also be baked and roasted and then eaten. It is formulated in an eco-friendly manner and Maca leaves are directly sourced from Peru in Latin America.

Traditional farming takes place in these countries where the land is cultivated for two years and is then left fallow for the next ten years. By sourcing the products directly, it supports the farming practices there as well as helps their producers with their development.


Post launch, its effects were studied on women and the results were impressive.