Learn to flaunt your body

Most of the females fall into several categories of body types. Each of the shape is distinctive and has different appeal to it. Each shape has something that is attractive and makes you different from others. Believe me being different is good. Imagine if we all were alike then how monotonous it would have felt - all too straight or round. Being females, we know that our body shapes often change over time. The change may be due to puberty, childbirth, weight loss or weight gain. Thus, we often find ourselves confused as to how to understand out body types and dress as per our body shapes.

The Straight Body or Rectangle body, if you have got the straight body shape then that means the fat is equally distributed in your body not making bulges anywhere. You have balanced hips and bust but the only problem is your waist is not well defined and that give you power to define your waist as you like just wear clothes that have belt around waist or clothes that are fitted on waist and falls on hips. You can go and flaunt your shoulders in an off shoulder dress. Believe me you have got the best body type to dress. Anne Hathaway, the heartthrob has this type of body and she just looks superb in everything that she wears. Get that body shape and behave like a superstar. Don’t think you are the one, even superstars has the same shape.