Is Caffeine Good for Your Workout?

Caffeine lovers should be happy with this news. It is already common knowledge that caffeine can help slow down or even eliminate hair loss. It has also been revealed that people drinking on average four cups of caffeinated coffee a day have 20 percent lower risk of developing melanoma. This, however, is not all – a recent study has uncovered that caffeine can also boost burning more calories and fat!

The study was conducted in Spain and involved women who were consuming coffee an hour before their workout. According to the results, those women who drank coffee experienced a post-exercise boost in metabolism. Another study, which took place in Australia, has proven that women who consumed 177 milligrams of caffeine an hour and a half before riding a bike burned more calories during and after the workout (two hours). The calorie burn was compared to the calories burned by women who did not consume caffeine.    

The impact on body weight needs to be assessed, but caffeine reduces fatigue and increases enjoyment during exercise, which may also aid weight loss by motivating people to work out longer,” said an exercise scientist and a coauthor of the Spanish study at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Valentin E. Fernandez Elias. So, coffee lovers, now you have another reason for indulging in your favorite hot drink.