How to Wax Your Legs at Home

When summer comes, many people like to switch from shaving to the waxing method of removing unwanted hair. After all, waxing does make the hair grow back much, much slower than shaving does and it has the added benefit of causing some hair follicles to stop growing hair eventually! It’s that awesome!

For the DIY enthusiast, ripping your own hair out with hot wax may be scary at first, but just remember that it can be ever so convenient to do it yourself at home in the long term – especially if you like showing some skin! So, it is imperative that you are very careful when you wax your legs at home and are fully prepared for the before and after treatment methods when you gear up for the procedure.

First off, don’t wait until all of your hair grows out. Technology has advanced and there are waxes available that can clean hair right off the root, no matter the length. Secondly, exfoliate your legs/body before you start waxing. Using a scrub or a simple loofah can do the trick. What exfoliation does is simply removes the top layer of dead skin cells, making your skin smooth and the hair is easily gripped by the wax. The hair comes off very easily, without struggles or retries.

Remove all body lotion or oil from your legs before waxing; it will only make it more difficult to pull the hair out.

To properly wax your legs at home, you will need to block off the appropriate amount of time – it isn’t as fast as using a razor! Research products thoroughly before you get the wax. Buy the right wax that has additional properties for sensitive or dry skin. Wax the right way! Read the instructions from the kit before you start waxing. And lastly, give your legs some post-waxing TLC by applying a good lotion or aloe-based cream.