How to Keep Your Blonde Hair Cool and Platinum-Looking?

Blondes do have more fun – not, however, when it comes to hair maintenance. In order to keep that glossy, shiny, golden appearance, every blonde must devote a few hours to her hair once a week at least. Then there is also the matter of protecting hair from UV rays. And finally, roll the drums...purple shampoo and conditioner! Yes, we know, it sounds crazy, but every blonde should invest into these products to have flawless hair.

There is no doubt that applying these dark purple products is terrifying. However, results are worth it. So, how does purple work with blonde? The method goes back to the “bluing” laundry concept. It is a method of keeping your clothes bright and white by adding blue dye when doing the laundry.

According to the basic color theory, yellow and lavender are at the opposite sides of the wheel, which means they neutralize each other. Blonde hair naturally oxidizes and thus becomes yellow and brassy looking. Those who want to stay on the platinum side of the spectrum should definitely apply purple to their hair.

There is a wide array of products offering not just the platinum look, but also optical brighteners, which appear fluorescent under sunlight. Some products are made with the extract of violet leaf or violet pigments with the aim of eliminating brassiness. When choosing products, consider ones that keep the color from fading.

Lastly, keep in mind that damaged, porous hair can absorb the purple and make your hair color dull. Those who encounter this problem should talk to their colorist and ask for advice.