Green, orange & purple concealers.

Green, orange, & purple concealers are key to give yourself a picture perfect complexion. The technique is popular and one of the hottest trends in the beauty world today. This technique is also known as color correct. You can find green, orange, & purple concealers that suit your complexion and those that match your budget as well.

Professional makeup artists have been using this technique on celebrities, A-listers, and movie stars for a long time. The trend is caused by the outing of this secret technique.

The color correct technique uses different colored concealers to camouflage any redness, under eye circles, and spots. This enhances the complexion greatly and gives an illusion of flawless skin. This technique is a better alternative to caking blemishes and spots with regular concealer. Using the green, orange, & purple concealers makes your face become absolutely flawless and ready for the next layer of foundation.

All this helps you need less makeup than you would by using the regular products.

The secret is used as a commercial propaganda to get products such as primers, palettes and many different pigments to the masses. It is these products that will help the not-so-professional people. The masses will now be able to get that flawless look just by using the right products by makeup brands such as Urban Decay and others.

Remember to look for a cheat sheet that will help you understand the color theory. You need to know the color combination to cover the blemish. Videos are available to guide you to choose and apply the many palettes and shades to do your makeup like a pro.