Exposure To The Sun In Excess Can Be Detrimental To The Skin, But It Can Be Easily Avoided

Excessive exposure to the sun can put you in the hands of skin cancer, or you might develop wrinkles before time. It is best to stay away from the potential harmful effects of the sun.

Always use a hat or a cap when you venture out in the sun. Even a light handkerchief would do the trick. Covering the head has twofold benefits. Your head is shielded from potential damage. Your hair, and your face are also able to stay away from the sun.

If you can't help being out in the sun for a long time, consider draping your head with a handkerchief soaked in water. This is going to provide some amount of relief from the sun's heat.

Apply some lotion on your face and exposed parts of your body like your legs and arms and feet. Use the same lotion on your back and chest too, making special provisions for the spots that are to be exposed to the sun the most. If the sun is too strong for comfort, it is better to stay indoors.

On the other hand, sunlight is a wonderful resource of vitamin D. This vitamin in turn is essential for the absorption of calcium in the body. Vitamin D is also known for its potentials for keeping the bones strong and healthy. The vitamin retards the early incidence of osteoporosis. It is also found in abundance in tuna fish and orange juice. Its deficiency can cause depression. Deficiency of vitamin D in infants and young children is known to lead to rickets.