Choosing the right face mask for your skin type

Face masks can do wonders to your skin which include reviving, hydrating, and helping you look fresh. Choosing the right face mask will help you achieve healthy, glowing and beautiful skin.

Toronto’s top makeup artist Dino Dilio shares helpful tips on choosing the face mask that is perfect for your skin’s needs.

Sleeping cream mask

This type of face mask is simple and easy to use. Apply it onto your skin, leave a thin layer of film and you can go to bed. The cream should have dried up after five minutes but if it’s still wet, take a tissue and gently wipe the excess off. The next morning, simply wash it off, and you will get more hydrated and nourished skin. If you have dry skin, this face mask is perfect for you.

Clay-based mask

These masks are similar to a thick paste. Clay-based masks make the impurities of the skin ascend to the surface, thus making it very appropriate for oily and distressed skin. For better coverage, use a foundation brush to apply it onto your face, always remember to avoid putting it around your eyes. Make sure you rinse it off after the allotted time.

Gel pads

Gel masks adhere around different parts of the face such as under the eyes and forehead. Apply it onto your face like stickers. They hydrate, tighten and fill in the lines on your face in just ten minutes. Gel masks are recommended to reduce wrinkle lines and lift sagging skin.

Single-use masks

These masks are very convenient and easy to use. Just apply it onto your face, leave it on for ten minutes to let it dry, peel it off gently and you are ready to go.